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Service Delivery-Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions have been submitted to DVR about how to provide continued services to DVR Consumers during the COVID-19 2021 timeframe.

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General Questions

DVR is limiting the temporary COVID-19 fees to those identified in the release email sent on 2/15/21. The specific activity codes were included in the announcement.
Yes. The code (226) has been added to the Temporary COVID-19 services list.
Yes. This payment structure will remain in place for the duration of the DVR Service Agreement period through 6/30/2022 and the fee schedule and technical specifications have been updated.
Yes. It can be added to the first 30 day payment or later if the provider chooses to wait to submit an invoice.
Wage verification doesn't need to be submitted multiple times. One submission prior to 90 days on the job is acceptable. Providers are encouraged to request wage verification as soon as the job begins to make sure that it is obtained and submitted to DVR as soon as possible.

Payment and Billing Questions

No. COVID payments will only be added for fully completed services where all reporting and other deliverables have been received.
If the provider staff does not have DVR portal access, they may call or email DVR to request the payment. The request must be documented, and approval noted in the DVR consumer file in an authorization update.
In an authorization update so that there is no duplication of payments made by other staff.
The preferred placement total is still $2100. The regular total is still $1500. If you are splitting the payments and the amount total is $2100 for the preferred payment; the payments are split $500 at 30 days, $500 at 60 days and $1100 at 90 days. If you are splitting the payments and the amount total is $1500 for the regular payment; the payment is split $500 at 30 days, $500 at 60 days and $500 at 90 days. Each 30 day payment should be on a separate PO line for new PO's being created.
No. Please wait until the service is delivered, and the payment is requested.
CCP will be requesting an Invoice Resolution Form be completed from the WDA staff. There are no exceptions as identified in the announcement.
DVR has a policy of 60 days to invoice following the delivery of a service. All COVID invoices must be submitted by August 30, 2021.

Timing Questions

Retention payments can be done upon completion of acceptable service and timely monthly progress reports within five (5) business days of the 30th, 60th, and 90th calendar day of job retention, or as determined by DVR on a case-by-case basis. In this instance the 30th and 60th day will have elapsed by 2/28/21 and both months could be invoiced.
If there are ongoing services that were in process and they have not been previously invoiced, you should reach out to DVR and identify what services have been delivered prior to 2/15. A provider can request the additional hourly amount for those hours for February, but DVR must agree that something was in process and not fully delivered for that time to be applied to a COVID-19 payment. Due to individual case circumstances, DVR may not agree, and the payment may not be approved. All other aspects of service delivery apply, the service must be delivered, and all related reports must be submitted. DVR would not consider January SI hours in process and would not provide the COVID-19 payment for those hours since the month is over.

For information about COVID-19 DVR communications check the Announcements section.