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I/TW Job Duty Restrictions

Sent: Friday, May 12, 2023
Re: DVR I/TW Job Duty Restrictions

Dear Service Provider,

DVR's Employer of Record, Opportunities Inc., has reported a high volume of recent inquiries regarding Internship/Temporary Work (I/TW) job duties that they are unable to support as the Employer of Record due to safety concerns.

Opportunities Inc. has updated the list of "high risk" occupations/job duties they are unable to support, please see the attached document. DVR's I/TW Guidance has been updated to include this information (Internship/Temporary Work (

Job Duty Restrictions for Temporary Work Experience

Please note that Opportunities Inc. considers supporting most I/TW positions if proper safety protocols and supervision is identified, in place, and can be verified e.g., regular supervision, an invested/engaged work site that is vigilant about safety and protection (hand guards, PPE) vs a hands-off approach with little to no supervision, poor safety protocols e.g., no guards and/or poor protection, exposure to heat and chemicals with no protection (masks) and/or inadequate ventilation (welding, painting, use of hazardous material, etc.). Opportunities Inc. also cannot support driving positions if there is road access due to too many associated risks; however, Opportunities Inc has supported operating golf carts and riding lawn mowers as long as the DVR consumer has regular supervision.

In an effort to avoid any service delays, Opportunities Inc. is reminding DVR and DVR Service Provider staff to provide all safety and protocol specificities ahead of time. In cases where Opportunities Inc is unable to support an I/TW, the decision should be communicated to both the DVR Service Provider and referring DVR Counselor.

One other important reminder, if an injury occurs during an I/TW, the Supervisor Incident Report and the Employee Incident Report must be completed and submitted by the DVR Service Provider within 24 hours ; both can be found by going to Opportunities Inc. Incident/Accident Reporting (

Thank you,

David Knuth
Contract Specialist