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From : Walz-Chojnacki, Andrzej F - DWD
Sent: Monday, August 15, 2022

Work Incentive Benefits Services Updates

What is the change?

The newly constructed Work Incentive Benefits Services will be effective October 1, 2022. The updated Work Incentive Benefits Services technical specification, reports, and training is available August 15th for review.

Effective Date

Work Incentive Benefits Analysis Services October 1, 2022 with service details available August 15th.

This Replaces

Previous Work Incentive Benefits Service definitions and reports.

Why is this change being made?

Work Incentive Benefits Services were revised to assist consumers in managing the impact of higher earnings on their benefits and entitlements including participants in the Career Pathways Advancement grant, which will require more intensive services. The new service descriptions shift emphasis from a one-time, comprehensive benefits analysis service to a service that is delivered in a multi-step, progressive fashion. The changes are intended to present consumers with more manageable amounts of information, put more funds in the hands of the provider sooner, and increase consumers' confidence in their ability to manage the changes to their benefits resulting from earnings. While the new service has more steps built in, the authorization process was designed to be more intuitive for DVR staff.

What are the changes?

The new technical specification, along with updated report templates and a recorded presentation are posted August 15. DVR will conduct internal training for DVR staff August 25 & 29, and host a Question and Answer session live for WIBS service providers August 31. WIBS service providers main contacts will be sent an invite to a Microsoft Teams meeting in advance of the August 31 meeting.

Please review the updated tech specs and reports and submit questions ahead of the Q&A session to

Work Incentive Benefit Service Reports

The following reports, updated to accompany the new technical specifications are available August 15.

If you have any questions about statewide services, please email your question to: