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Subject: Screen Reader Accessible Reports  

From: Knuth, David - DWD
Sent: Monday, November 1, 2021

Dear Service Provider,

DVR is working to update the Statewide Service Report Templates to be accessible to users who require screen readers. For reports to be fully screen reader accessible, they need to be fillable PDFs, rather than Word Documents, and some templates will require some minor changes.

Two report templates have already received this update, The Job Development Plan and Monthly Report (DVR-18028-E) and the Job Hire and Retention Report (DVR-17037-E):

JD Plan and Monthly Report

Job Hire and Retention Report

The Word versions are still in the same place on the website and are unchanged. The screen reader accessible PDFs are fillable, just like the Word versions, and look the same as the printable PDFs when printed. Service Providers may use either the Word or PDF versions since there are no changes to the questions in either, some items were just moved so the PDFs will make sense when read on a screen reader.

If you have any questions regarding this update, please contact DVR IS Resource Technician/Profiler, Dan Upp

Thank you,

David Knuth
DVR Contract Specialist