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Updated: DVR Customized Self-Employment Service  

From: Knuth, David - DWD
Sent: Monday, Setpember 13, 2021

Dear Service Provider,

Please see the following communication regarding updates to DVR's Customized Self-Employment service:

Effective Date


Why is this change being made?

To provide statewide process guidelines, fees, provider listings and service descriptions for consumers interested in pursuing customized self-employment. Customized Self-Employment is listed with "Other services" on the DVR Service Provider webpage under Technical Specifications.

What are the changes?

Customized Self-Employment has been a service authorized in the past and had been primarily offered by a small number of providers and was limited geographically. The service descriptions, fees and requirements have been adapted for broader use. DVR has also begun a community of practice to assist providers and DVR staff who are delivering the service to learn from each other. It is expected that further refinements to the services will take place and the published materials will also be updated.


The customized self-employment process unites person-centered planning strategies with the development of a business plan. The goal of the planning process is to develop an individualized, profitable, and sustainable microenterprise. This process does not require the individual to get ready to go to work but, instead, focuses on the talents, interests, and assets of the individual.

For many consumers with disabilities, including consumers who need long-term or ongoing supports, self-employment can be a great option to meet their employment needs. This service is not intended to support or establish a hobby but should be delivered to support the establishment of a business to meet required competitive integrated employment verifiable wages.

Services included in Customized Self-Employment (CSE):



Customized Self-Employment Toolkit

DVR Self-Employment Toolkit

Questions regarding this service should be directed to: Kathleen Enders.

Thank you,

David Knuth
DVR Contract Specialist