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Communication Reminder

From: Knuth, David - DWD
Sent: Friday, Mar 26, 2021

Dear Service Provider,

We are reaching out to all DVR Service Providers to ask for your assistance in maintaining consistent and up-to-date information regarding your DVR funded programs and initiatives, and the content your organization creates to help the general public understand your organizations' mission and programs.

As part of your DVR Service Agreement, we ask for any communication mentioning or promoting DVR-funded programs or services be shared with DVR for review prior to publishing. These communications may include:

The Department of Workforce Development expects that DVR will be mentioned in some way as the funder or a key partner in providing any services being promoted. Given the complexity of communication and the ever-changing world we live in, DVR wants to make sure you are provided with the most accurate and detailed information relating to your organizations' work. We understand this may be an added step in your communication processes, but we assure you we will promptly answer your questions, provide feedback, and assist you however else we are able.

As a reminder, the DVR Service Agreement states:

The Service Provider shall comply with Communications Policy and Guidance for DVR Service Providers, which can be found on the Agreement References webpage, when making any news releases or communications related to this Agreement or conducting any promotional advertising. If DVR updates this document during the term of the Service Agreement, the Service Provider shall comply with the latest version.

We encourage all DVR Service Providers to work with their local DVR contacts. If you have any questions about the Communications Policy and Guidance, or any other communications needs, please contact TJ Jerke, DVR's Communications & Policy Advisor.

Thank you,

David Knuth
DVR Contract Specialist