Training Grant Instructions for Spring Term 2018

From: Enders, Kathleen - DWD
Sent: Wednesday, December 20, 2017 3:01 PM

Training Grants will need to be processed in IRIS for Wisconsin based system schools:

All other schools will be processed using the Excel form via email as has been done in the past. This would include any FAFSA eligible program in Wisconsin not part of the systems identified or a FAFSA eligible program in another state.

Training Grant Processing

A Training Grant Status Reminders tool has been developed with identified DVR and FAO action steps for each status.

DVR staff can send training grants to the system schools for the next term.

The training grant must be in the status "Blank TG w/Signature":

Training Grant Status

To submit the form, select the correct term and click on the "Submit form to FAO for Term __":

Submit form to FAO for Term __

Please follow the same steps as Term 1: The school will return the TG with an initial estimate, DVR will return the form back to the FAO and after the census date the final credit and dollar amounts will be provided.


You must attach the previous terms grades and current schedule in the TG module PRIOR to creating a PO for the term.

Please process the PO's for student as soon as possible. CCP is getting training grants submitted way too late into the term. The impact on late payments for students includes account freezes and increased interest payments.

Be aware that, for many students, the TG will be for a lower dollar amount than was provided for term 1. This is due to how the TG balances the funds across the year based on credits. If a student had more credits identified in term 1 vs. term 2, it is possible there was a difference in the dollar amount provided for term 1.

Approved exception amounts will be added to the training grant funds listed. Please be careful when adding the dollar amount of the exception to the training grant. If a student askes for an exception to the TG award or fee schedule, the exception must be processed in the TG module.

Be aware that some term labels will not match. For example-If the first term is summer on the tab at the top, the term label at the bottom could say term 1.


Questions can be directed to your WDA Director or Kathleen Enders. Policy questions can be directed to Jessica Holton.

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