Subject - Reports for Systematic Instruction, Supported Employment, and Customized Employment - Updated PO's may be needed."

From: Enders, Kathleen - DWD
Sent: Friday, May 5th, 2017 04:16 PM

Effective Date

Action Immediately – Change Effective May 15, 2017

Service Providers will only be allowed to use the required statewide reports for Systematic Instruction, Supported Employment, and Customized Employment.

Why is this instruction being made?

To ensure that the correct reports can be attached to DVR consumer files in IRIS. Outdated reports have been submitted which are no longer supported by the automated system which can cause delays in scanning them into DVR consumer case files.

Action Required

DVR staff will need to review PO's for Job Coaching, Supported Employment, and Customized Employment and make sure that any outstanding PO's be updated to reflect the new services so that the services can be adjusted and the proper reports can be attached in IRIS. The new services took effect on February 17, 2017. All previously authorized services should be completed at this time. Any remaining purchase orders for previous services must be updated.

Previous versions of reports can no longer be supported and processed by the DVR scan unit. Use of any other reports for these services will result in an invoice resolution and non-payment. There was a period of adjustment to allow a roll-over from the previous services. Those previously authorized services were to have concluded by April 28 2017.

Service Providers have been notified in a separate communication.

Location of Reporting Templates

Service Provider Technical Specifications

Please direct questions to Lela Yang.

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