Subject-I/TW Employer of Record Benefit Enrollment Documents Updated

From: Enders, Kathleen - DWD
Sent: Friday, January 20, 2017 04:11 PM

The Employer of Record Benefit Election Form and Open Enrollment Benefit Guide have been updated to reflect the change in the Employer of Record's insurance provider.

All DVR consumers participating in an Internship/Temporary Work (I/TW) are required to complete the Benefit Enrollment Form and select whether they are waiving or electing the benefit plan.

Please note only those individuals participating in an I/TW that are working at least 30 hours/ week and for more than 90 calendar days are eligible for Open Enrollment for Benefits through the Employer of Record (EOR). There is a 90 day wait period for coverage and coverage does not apply to individuals working less than 90 calendar days regardless of the number of hours worked/week.

The Benefit Enrollment Form is turned in with each packet prior to employees beginning an I/TW.

In cases where an I/TW exceeds 90 days (an I/TW extending beyond 90 days requires prior approval from a WDA Director), the consumer is required to complete and submit another Benefit Enrollment Form to the Employer of Record.

Effective Date


Reason for Change

The Employer of Record-Opportunities Incorporated changed insurance provider.

Action Required

Please review updated documents, begin using the updated Benefit Election Form and Open Enrollment Benefit Guide found at the link listed below, and share updated information with your local service providers.

If I/TW paperwork has already been submitted to Opportunities Inc. for an I/TW that is scheduled to begin on or after today's date, there is no need for you or service providers to send in the updated Benefit Enrollment form. This change only applies to I/TW's going forward from today's date.


If you have any questions regarding this update, please consult with your WDA director or supervisor.

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