Coding Alignment Procedure

From: Enders, Kathleen - DWD
Sent: Tuesday, April 4th, 2017 03:12 PM

Effective Date

Action Immediately - IRIS change effective April 7, 2017

Why is this instruction being made?

To ensure we are accurately tracking and reporting data to RSA, purchase order (PO) and invoice coding must match. DVR will be reporting this along with new WIOA reporting requirements found in the RSA 911 report. The Center for Consumer Payments (CCP) has had the ability to change Activity and Account coding on invoice lines as errors were identified; however, this does not correct the coding on the PO.

Action Required

CCP will no longer be able to correct and align coding. After April 7, CCP will have read only access and will be using the alert/messaging features linked to the PO to ask for a review and confirmation of correct coding if there is a suspected error.

WDA office staff are asked to review the PO alerts/messages within 48 hours of receiving the message from CCP and reply back via message.

If the coding is correct after the review: reply back via message to CCP when the review is completed indicating that the coding is correct.

If the coding is incorrect upon further review: complete a change order and correct the coding, reply back via message to CCP indicating that the change is complete. Any in process invoices will be updated with the correct coding.

Change Orders

Staff will no longer be allowed to do a Change Order to update a Pre-ETS Code to a Regular Activity Code.

There are two different scenarios that staff may run into:

  1. Incorrect Coding (Consumer Still Under the Age of 22): Staff will need to Cancel the PO Line and add a new PO Line to the same Purchase Order with the Regular Activity Code.
  2. PO End Date cannot be past the Consumer's 22nd Birthday: Staff will need to Cancel the PO/PO Line and issue a new PO using the Regular Activity Code.

Best Practice Suggestions

Any other questions should be directed to your Director or Supervisor.

By implementing the above recommendations, DVR coding on POs matches the coding on invoices. Thanks in advance for your attention.

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