Purchase Order Instructions

From: Glenn, Enid - DWD
Sent: Tuesday, March 8, 2016 2:24 PM

Subject - Purchase Order Instructions

Information for all DVR WDA staff:

Effective Date

Why is this instruction being made?

As in years' past, the high volume and total dollar amount of purchase orders consume budget authority. When all budget authority is consumed by expenditures and purchase orders we cannot release payments to vendors/consumers or approve new orders until funds are released. This will occur through the order reductions or when new funds are appropriated on July 1st. In order to avoid reaching the budget authority limit, DVR staff are asked to follow the attached instructions in reviewing all purchase orders.

This is not an expenditure issue, but an obligation issue; therefore the reduction of purchase orders will allow payments and new orders to process through the end of the state fiscal year.

3 outcomes are anticipated:

Action Required

Review all purchase orders and follow attached instructions.

Questions should be directed to your Director or Supervisor.

Thank you for your assistance in managing obligations!

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