Purchasing Interpreter Services for Individuals - Prior to Becoming a DVR Case

From: Dressel, Meredith - DWD
Sent: Friday, July 08, 2016 10:02 AM

Subject - Purchasing Interpreter Services for Individuals - Prior to becoming a DVR Case

Here is the updated process beginning July 1, 2016. It reflects new purchase order numbers to reference.

Again, this is for requests prior to individuals having a case.

Effective Date

WDA's now handle all requests for interpreter services for individuals who do not yet have a case.  This procedure both standardizes the process and saves staff time by not having to create a new purchase order for each individual.

The funds used for these services will be administrative funds, as there is not yet a DVR case.

If the individual requires foreign-language interpreter services, use Language Line to complete the orientation by phone.  If the individual is present, Language Line can be used on speakerphone.  Here is the link to the DVR work web with those instructions (http://dwdworkweb/dvr/altformat.htm#oral).  Have Language Line reference PO 0000001448 for these invoices.

If the individual requires sign-language interpreter services, use the e-mail template found below and choose a provider from the following list of providers that we have blanket purchase orders with. If there is a provider a WDA would like to use that is not listed below, please contact Lenn Schneider in central office.

Please use the following attached e-mail template when e-mailing the providers to schedule sign-language interpreter services prior to becoming a DVR case, as it contains invoicing information that will be necessary for central office when processing and tracking these services.


Then copy the entire attachment as you e-mail the provider to schedule interpreter services.

Vendors (PO's run from 07/01/16 through 06/30/17 )

Again, these are only for individuals who do not yet have a case.

Should you have any other questions, please contact Danielle Russell in Central Office.

Thank you!

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