Cold Case Unit Referrals Update

From: Enders, Kathleen - DWD
Sent: Wednesday, December 07, 2016 01:17 PM

Information for all DVR WDA staff:

The Cold Case unit will no longer be accepting case review requests.

Effective Date

Immediately- December 7, 2016

Why is this change being made?

Prior to the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, DVR was evaluated on performance measures that included location and reengagement with our successful consumers. The Cold Case Unit was developed to support the field offices by offering tools and expertise to locate consumers who may be working. The unit also performed other case management functions as needed and directed. This work is no longer necessary because of WIOA's new performance measures and planned internal tracking mechanisms. Staff that completed the work have had their work duties changed.

Action Required

If you have sent requests to the Cold Case Unit they will be processed or returned as of December 16th. Questions should be directed to your Director or Supervisor.

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