Updated Assistive Technology Guidance

From: Dressel, Meredith - DWD
Sent: Wednesday, June 22, 2016 3:24 PM

The AsTec team has created updated Assistive Technology Guidance related to the use of technology with DVR consumers. This replaces previous guidance in the DVR Information Center on Rehabilitation Technology.

Effective Date

Why is this change being made?

There is new terminology in place that is reflected in the new guidance. Staff completed a survey and indicated they wanted more information related to the use of Assistive Technology including how to work in collaboration with providers.

Action Required

Practice should align with best practice suggestions and within the policy guidelines.

Changes Include

Updated Resource Links

The guidance has been approved by the Policy Academy, the DVR Senior Leadership team, and the AsTec Team.


There is in-person training planned to occur over the summer in each WDA planned staff meetings. The training will be provided by members of the team. During that training time, information will also be shared about how staff can access the expertise of the AsTec team to assist DVR consumers with needs related to Assistive Technology.

The AsTec Team

Questions can be directed to your WDA Director or any member of the workgroup.

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