DVR Training Grant Update

From: Haugh, John - DWD
Sent: Wednesday, July 1, 2015 4:16 PM

Subject - DVR Training Grant Update

Effective Date

Resources to process DVR training grants have been updated including the 2015-2016 Payment guide and the pre-populated training grant forms for in-state public schools.

This Replaces

All previous information provided for 2014-2015.

Why is this change being made?

To provide updated information.

What are the Changes?

The training grants for public schools have been populated with the various credit loads for your use starting today! The only exception is Madison College. They have not yet provided their budgetary breakdowns. When they send in the budgets, those will be populated. In the meantime, a generic training grant form has been created for Madison College that you can use.

Use the blank electronic training grants form for private schools. Please make sure that you complete the address in the training grant for the school.

The Payment Guide for 2015-2016 is also ready for use. Several schools have information missing and the guide will be updated with the new information as it comes in. Likewise several of the provide schools have yet to have DVR points of contact identified. This will occur in the next month or so. If you have a processing issue please contact the DVR liaison assigned to the school.

You will notice that the guide has some improvements:

Staff are reminded that they do not need to send changes to finance where names may be listed as contacts for various schools. Changes have been made to use generic terms such as Bursars office etc. so checks are directed as necessary.

The training grants and Payment Guide can be found on the V Drive/DVR/Training Grants or at the links above in this email.

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