STAR Conversion Timeline with Instructions

From: Lange, Lorie - DWD
Sent: Wednesday, September 2, 2015 4:03 PM

Subject – STAR Conversion Detail Instructions

Why is this communication being made?

The attached document provides detailed instructions for handling the conversion to STAR. Please review and develop the plan of action for meeting the requirements and deadlines. Thank you all for your work and attention to ensure a smooth conversion!

STAR Detail Instructions


Checks to all vendors have begun to be expedited to ensure checks are mailed before shutdown occurs. CCP is manually changing the scheduled payment dates. Please note that even though the scheduled payment date has been changed, the Invoice Due date in alerts are still calculated based on the net 30 day. Please complete receiving ASAP for all receiving and change order alerts.

Example: Scheduled payment date was manually changed to 9/2/2015 but receiving alert shows invoice due of 9/16/2015.

Scheduled Payment Date Image

If you receive questions from a vendor, please let them know expedited payments are only due to implementation of a new statewide system and invoices received after September 14th will return to the net 30 days.

From: Lange, Lorie - DWD
Sent: Friday, August 21, 2015 12:54 PM

Subject - STAR Conversion Timeline

Why is this communication being made?

The implementation of financial transactions to the new STAR system is scheduled for October 1st. The attached timeline will provide DVR staff with the timing of actions required by staff in handling purchase orders, invoices and direct payments.

Action Required

Review the timeline within your WDA and teams to ensure everyone understands the timeline and all staff should be prepared for the additional workload necessary in a short amount of time within September. Additional detailed instructions will be coming in the next couple of weeks to assist staff with the actions required.


Staff should direct questions to their WDA Director or Supervisor. Directors and Supervisors can follow up with questions with Allison Gordon and Lorie Lange.

STAR Fiscal Directions/Conversion Timeline

Thank you for your attention to this important change to our systems!

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