SSI/SSDI Offset for DVR Students Fall 2015

From: Haugh, John - DWD
Sent: Wednesday, June 24, 2015 3:51 PM

Subject - SSI/SSDI Offset for DVR Students Fall 2015

Effective Fall 2015

DVR is eliminating the SS offset payment calculation for new students who are beginning a post-secondary training program this fall.

New policy and procedures can be found in the DVR Information Center.

Effective Date

Reviewed By

The Wisconsin Rehabilitation Council Executive Committee, the DVR Senior Leadership team and the Training Grant Value stream mapping workgroup.

This Replaces

All previous information provided regarding use of the SSI/SSDI Offset.

Why is this change being made?

To apply the fee schedule and policy to all students and comply with federal rules. After consultation with RSA, the former TACE center, and an examination of other state practices, it has been determined that WI DVR has not been applying the fee schedule to students in the same manner.

What are the Changes?

An updated guidance piece - SSI/SSDI Offset for Students using a DVR Training Grant - has been posted to the Information Center.

Students who are receiving SSI or SSDI benefits and are continuing in a post-secondary program will continue to receive the offset until they have completed their program. Any interruption of attendance should be reviewed and approved by the WDA director for the student to continue to receive the offset.

New students who are beginning their first year of post-secondary training will not receive an offset.

The DVR exception process is in place for any consumer who feels their individual circumstances require support above DVR fee schedule amounts.


The wording of the "SSDI/SSI" box on the training grant form has been changed to "SS Offset".

If a student is continuing this fall and has previously received an offset payment, please indicate Y in the SS Offset section of the DVR training grant form (line 12).

If a student is starting this fall and is a recipient of SSI/SSDI benefits, please mark N in the SS Offset section of the DVR training grant form (line 12).

Other questions can be directed to Kathleen Enders:


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