Talent Acquisition Portal (TAP) Phase II Implementation

From: Solomon, Brian - DWD
Sent: Friday, September 5, 2014 9:34 AM

Subject - Talent Acquisition Portal (TAP) Phase II Implementation

Greetings DVR Staff: I am pleased to announce that TAP Phase II is now in effect. Now that tech specs have been created, service providers can assist VR jobseekers in getting their information onto TAP. So we should be broadly promoting TAP to all job ready consumers who meet the TAP profile criteria!

The five top TAP states in the nation are CA, IA, MO, UT, and WISCONSIN! Great job everyone in helping us get there! Let's keep populating the site and make sure we stay in the top five.

Background / Overview

Steps to Get Started

Consumer Access / Populating TAP

Promotion / Employer Outreach

Inviting Candidates

Working with Service Providers

Help / Additional Assistance

Next Steps

If anyone has questions on TAP or anything included in this email, please let me know. Otherwise, thanks for your continuing efforts to help make TAP as successful as possible in Wisconsin!

Thank you very much.

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