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Chronological Policy Changes

Revision/Creation Date Material Synopsis of Material/Change
02/08/2018 Project SEARCH Fee Schedule Updated The Project SEARCH fee schedule was updated to provide further guidance and clarification on funding.
12/20/2017 Training Grant Instructions for Spring Term 2018 Training Grants will need to be processed in IRIS for Wisconsin based system schools. All other schools will be processed using the Excel form via email as has been done in the past. See announcement/material for reminders.
12/15/2017 FFY 17 Purchase Order Instructions See the PO Coding Clean Up document.
11/27/2017 Comprehensive Transition Training Programs (Think College) Guidance To inform DVR staff of the new guidance on funding of Comprehensive Transition Training Programs (Think College).
11/06/2017 Pre-ETS Assessment Coding We will be creating a new Pre-ETS code for Job Shadows based on this information. The new Code will be Pre-ETS 225 - Job Shadow. This new code will not be released into IRIS until November 17, 2017.
10/27/2017 Pre-Employment Transition Services Policy Edits have been made to IRIS as well as several policy, resource and guidance documents to assist staff in implementing this new provision under WIOA CFR 361.48.
10/20/2017 Potentially Eligible Guidance The Potentially Eligible Guidance informs staff of a new population of students who can receive Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) through DVR.
10/19/2017 Employer of Record Payroll Portal Announcement DVR's Employer of Record Opportunities Incorporated has developed an Applicant and Time Entry Portal that will be made available to DVR Service Providers working with DVR consumers that are participating in an Internship/Temporary Work (I/TW).
10/03/2017 Change to Internship/Temporary Work Agreement The Internship/Temporary Work Agreement has been revised.
10/03/2017 Employer of Record Rate Changes Effective 10/16/17 To align with the newly negotiated price for the Employer of Record Service, the Employer of Record - Opportunities Incorporated document has been updated to reflect rate changes.
10/02/2017 FFY2018 Administrative (Operations) Coding DVR-specific instructions for administrative (operations) charges for FFY2018 (October 1, 2017 - September 30, 2018). The FFY Instrictions provides information on the changes for federal fiscal year 2018 (FFY2018) for administrative (operations) costs, such as HCM, p-cards and travel expenses.
09/22/2017 New Project SEARCH Webpages DVR is proud to announce that we have launched webpages solely dedicated to Wisconsin Project SEARCH!
09/14/2017 2017 Policy Manual Update The updated DVR Policy Manual is now available on the DVR website.
09/07/2017 Instructions and Procedures for Consumer Purchases for Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) 18 Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) 2018 is from October 1, 2017, through September 30, 2018. The IRIS program will not be shut down this year -- as we will not need to do so for RSA 911 Quarterly Reporting. Instructions and Procedures for Consumer Purchases for Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) 18.
08/29/2017 Existing Business Policy Update The Existing Business Policy has been updated due to a review from the Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA).
07/28/2017 Training Grant Updates and Reminders This update answers a few common questions and issues that arose with the recent creation of training grants.
07/21/2017 Training Grant Update Proceed and create training grants and submit them to the school in the IRIS system. If your WDA has not been trained, please wait until that training takes place.
07/21/2017 Updated DOJ Background Check Procedures Purpose: Provide staff with the process for requesting official criminal background checks through the Department of Justice (DOJ).
06/23/2017 16- and 17-year-old minors no longer need a work permit Governor Walker signed a law removing the requirement of 16- and 17-year-olds to obtain a work permit prior to beginning work. The law change takes effect on Friday, June 23.
06/16/2017 IRIS Data Element Checklist We have received a lot of great feedback from staff on how we can continue to improve the process for rolling out the changes related to IRIS. One suggestion was to create a checklist that staff could use to review open cases to ensure there are no missing data elements related to our new 911 reporting requirements.
06/15/2017 [NCI] Project SEARCH Operations Transition to DVR Beginning July 1, 2017, Diana Kiesling, DVR Bureau of Management Services Director, will be your primary Project SEARCH contact.
06/02/2017 Update on the DVR Training Grant Effective Fall 2017 Training Grant Signatures and Processing Updated information related to IRIS based training grant process for the 2017-2018 school year.
06/02/2017 Instructions for State Fiscal Year (SFY) Purchase Orders The new state fiscal year begins July 1st. Please use the link below for the Instructions for State Fiscal Year (SFY) Purchase Orders. The instructions include important dates for processing. See SFY Instructions.
05/05/2017 Reports for Systematic Instruction, Supported Employment, and Customized Employment - Updated PO's may be needed. Service Providers will only be allowed to use the required statewide reports for Systematic Instruction, Supported Employment, and Customized Employment. See Service Provider Technical Specifications for more details.
04/07/2017 Comparable Benefit and In House VR Provided Services Beginning April 7, 2017, staff will begin documenting comparable benefits and in-house VR provided services differently in IRIS. See Comparable Benefit and In-House VR Provided Services Guidance.
04/04/2017 Coding Alignment Procedure CCP will no longer be able to correct and align coding. After April 7, CCP will have read only access and will be using the alert/messaging features linked to the PO to ask for a review and confirmation of correct coding if there is a suspected error. WDA office staff are asked to review the PO alerts/messages within 48 hours of receiving the message from CCP and reply back via message.
03/24/2017 Student Pre-ETS Service Authorization Payment Table The purpose of this payment table is to guide staff on how to authorize and issue payments when a Pre-ETS Service is scheduled to continue past the age of 21 as to not interrupt services.
03/23/2017 Comparable Benefits & In-House VR-Provided Services Purpose: To inform DVR staff of the comparable benefit and in-house service definition, when to inclide them in the IPE, and how to document the Services in IRIS.
02/27/2017 Project Search Fee Schedule Now reflects the appropriate Student and Non-Student codes (Pre-ETS and General coding) to use. As you are authorizing Project SEARCH services, please refer to this Fee Schedule for the correct coding for each service that is a part of this program.
02/17/2017 New and Updated Supported Employment Services, Activity Codes, Timelines and Effective Dates This Replaces: All previous activity codes, new technical specifications for Systematic Instruction, Supported Employment and Customized Employment.
01/20/2017 I/TW Employer of Record Benefit Enrollment Documents Updated The Employer of Record Benefit Election Form and Open Enrollment Benefit Guide have been updated to reflect the change in the Employer of Record's insurance provider.
01/06/2017 SE/SI/CE Fee Schedule & Technical Specifications Effective Date The new Supported Employment, Customized Employment and Systematic Instruction Fee Schedule and Technical Specifications effective date of change is March 1, 2017.
12/28/2016 Purchase Order Instructions See the PO Coding Clean Up document.
12/07/2016 Cold Case Unit Referrals The Cold Case unit will no longer be accepting case review requests.
12/01/2016 Updates to Employer of Record Internship/Temporary Work (I/TW) and On-the-Job Assessment (OJA) forms and related documents-Social Security Recipients I/TW and OJA forms and related documents have been updated to include information about the process for those consumers receiving SSI or SSDI that are participating in an I/TW and/or OJA and the need to report the I/TW and/or OJA and wages to the local Social Security office.
10/10/2016 Existing Business Policy Update Added authorized dollar amounts for Profitability Assessment to the written Existing Business Policy.
10/04/2016 Instructions for FFY 2017 Administrative (Operations) Activities Instructions and procedures for completing HCM, p-card and travel (expense) report transactions for the upcoming federal fiscal year.
09/30/2016 Employer of Record Rate Changes Effective 10/17/16 Replaces all previous Employer of Record rate information to align with the newly negotiated price for the Employer of Record service.
09/20/2016 Instructions for FFY 2017 Purchase Orders Updated information for FFY 2017 IRIS availability and PO review and processing.
08/31/2016 Presumptive Eligibilities and UW Stout Project Updated instructions to reflect an additional process step to better communicate with SVRI that the presumptive eligibility has been completed.
07/11/2016 Training Grant Updates Updated instructions for field staff to process training grants.
07/08/2016 Interpreter Services Prior to Becoming a DVR Case Updated instructions for field staff on how to handle requests for interpreter services for individuals prior to them becoming a DVR case.
07/06/2016 SFY 2017 Administrative Instructions Changes to the way travel expense reports and p-cards are prepared.
06/22/2016 Assistive Technology Guidance Updated information regarding Assistive Technology (replacing Rehabilitation Technology terminology in the past).
06/15/2016 Education Resource Guide for Students and Families Provides guidance to DVR staff, consumers, and families about education, training, and choices.
06/01/2016 Training Grant Updates Provides instructions to staff for Fall 2016.
05/25/2016 Implementation Reminders - Existing Business Policy Reminders/tips to staff for the recently-implemented Existing Business Policy
05/24/2016 SFY Instructions Instructions and timeline for SFY 2017 and PO review/processing.
04/01/2016 Existing Business Policy Defines procedures/process for Existing Businesses for DVR.
03/25/2016 Extension Process for Eligibility and IPE Development DVR's extension process for eligibility & IPE development has been updated/revised.
03/08/2016 Purchase Order Instructions Instructions for field staff on Purchase Order review/cleanup.
02/16/2016 Internship/Temporary Work and Employer of Record Updates Materials updated to reflect changes regarding transportation, overtime, and open enrollment benefits.
12/16/2015 PETS Updated Coding & Activities Changes in PETS activities and HCM-PTA coding.
11/19/2015 Transportation Updated guidance for transportation services for DVR consumers.
09/02/2015 DVR Training Grant STAR Payment Delay Payments will be delayed due to STAR implementation and a notice to be shared with DVR students attending the fall semester.
09/02/2015 STAR Detail Instructions Detailed instructions for handling the conversion to STAR.
08/21/2015 STAR Conversion Timeline Timeline for STAR Implementation on October 1, 2015.
08/20/2015 Project SEARCH Credits Credits available at UW-Whitewater for non-students participating in Project SEARCH.
08/05/2015 Updated Vendor Process Updated instructions for entering new and updating existing vendors.
07/30/2015 New TJX Protocols Updated protocols for TJX work experience placements.
07/06/2015 High School Graduation Alert Action Steps to take when you receive this alert in IRIS.
07/01/2015 Training Grant Information Update Updated payment guide and pre-populated training grants forms.
06/24/2015 SSI/SSDI Offset DVR is eliminating the SS offset payment calculation for new students who are beginning a post-secondary training program this fall.
06/08/2015 Training Grant Updates for 2015-2016 Updates on the DVR Training Grant materials.
06/02/2015 Non-FAO Policy Updated Non-FAO Policy & Policy Manual Fee Schedule (Addendum B) updated.
03/31/2015 Case Note Style Guide Guidelines regarding what should be included in case notes/IRIS documentation.
03/30/2015 Recording High School Information Information on how to track consumers in high school in IRIS and PETS spending.
10/22/2014 Fiscal Manual Updated Align the Fiscal Manual with current DVR processes and clarify policy for DVR staff.
10/06/2014 Confidentiality Language clarification regarding family member/advocate release of information.
09/05/2014 TAP Phase II Implementation Overview and steps to implement Phase II of TAP.
08/07/2014 Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) - Language UC Enables staff to provide VRI services to consumers thru webcams.
05/13/2014 Transportation Roles DVR/MCO Guide for determining who should provide funds for transportation services when a consumer is also served by an MCO.
03/31/2014 Policy Manual Update DVR Policy Manual has been revised to align the Policy Manual with current DVR processes and clarify policy for DVR staff.

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