1. Purpose of DVR & Roles 2. Applying for DVR 3. Eligibility & DVR Wait List (OOS) 4. Plan for Employment (IPE) 5. DVR Services 6. Fiscal/Purchasing 7. Closing a DVR Case 8. Consumer Rights & Legal Info 9. Service Providers & Projects 10. Technical & General Info 11. Site Map 12. Chronological Policy Changes

DVR Services (A-Z)

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Alternate Formats

Assistive Technology (AT)

(DOJ) Background Check Procedures

Benefits Analysis Funding (WIPA)

Business Enterprise Program (BEP)

Business Services

Case Noting Style Guidance and Best Practice

Comparable Benefit & In-House VR-Provided Services

Consumer Contact Standards

Guidance: Credentials

CORA Telework

DVR Process and Your Choices in the Process

DVR Services for Job Seekers

Existing Business

Fee Schedules

Guides (Toolkits & Manuals)

(Purchasing) Hearing Aids

In-House VR-Provided Services & Comparable Benefits

Internships / On-the-Job Training (OJT) / Paid Work Options

IPE Services Temporarily Interrupted

Protocols for Filling Kwik Trip Retail Helper Positions

Language Line

Manuals (Guides & Toolkits)

Guidance: Measurable Skills Gains

(Provision of) Medical Restoration Services (Traditional & Non-Traditional)

On-the-Job Training (OJT)

(Use of) Paid Work Options

Plan for Achieving Self Support (PASS)

(Provision of) Post-Employment Services


Potentially Eligible Guidance

Pre-employment Transition Services (PETS) Desktop Reference

Student Pre-ETS Service Authorization Payment Table


Resource Ownership


Sensory Disabilities

(Provision of) Services to Non-Wisconsin Residents

(Providing) Sign Language Interpreter Services

Social Security & Ticket to Work (TTW)

Supported Employment

Talent Acquisition Portal (TAP)

Technical Specifications (Tech Specs)

Telework Providers (CORA)

Temporary Work

Ticket to Work & Social Security

Toolkits (Guides & Manuals)

Training Grant

Transition Services


Using Unemployment Insurance (UI) Data

Vehicle Purchasing (and Liens)

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) - Language UC

WIOA Annual Outreach and Review Service (Subminimum wage)

Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)

Worker's Compensation (WC)

Working with Consumers with Personality Disorders Best Practices

Youth Leadership Form (YLF)

Youth OJT

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