About the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR)

The Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) is a federal/state program designed to obtain, maintain, and advance employment for people with disabilities by working with DVR consumers, employers, and other partners.

DVR's Mission

To obtain, maintain and improve employment for people with disabilities by working with VR consumers, employers and other partners.

What We Do

Who We Serve

Where We Are

Staff members are located throughout office/service locations throughout the State (including Job Centers) in addition to our Central Administrative Office in Madison.

The Role of VR Staff

The Division Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) work is done through DVR staff located around the state. These staff members are available to assist all customers with their questions and concerns about the services and programs DVR can provide.

DVR consists of two Bureaus

  1. Bureau of Consumer Services
    • Coordination of field-based consumer services.
  2. Bureau of Management Services
    • Coordination of fiscal and budgeting activities, information technology functions, coordination of training, program development, grants, public information, planning/evaluation functions. and program assistant support to Central Office.

For more information on the DVR process and your choices as a consumer or job seeker, see the process table (CAP-18484-P) developed by the Client Assistance Program (CAP).

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