Civil Rights Requirements related to the Workforce Investment Act

WIA Section 181(c) Grievance Procedure (1 page) 

Assurances and Certifications (MS Word)

Nondiscrimination (MS Word)


Administrators Memos related to Civil Rights Compliance

To find Administrators Memos related to Civil Rights Compliance, go to the index of Administrators Memos Sorted By Subject.

Instructions on finding "civil rights" in the Administrators Memo's list

  • When you are on the Administrators Memos Sorted by Subject page, click on  "Edit" on your browser's toolbar.
  • Then click on "Find on This Page" in the drop down menu under "Edit."
  • Note: The Find dialog box may be attached to your browser in either the header area or along the bottom of your screen.  In older browsers the pop up box will appear as a stand alone window.
  •  In the " Find" or Find what:" input line  type "civil rights"
  • Note: In newer browsers, IE (Internet Explorer) will highlight in yellow all occurrences of civil rights on the page.. In Firefox browsers the highlighting maybe be green or pink.  In older browsers you may need to click on the "Find Next button to move through the entire list.
  • When finished with Find feature, either click on the  X to the left of the word Find, or click on the "close" button
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