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CORe is the software used to pay grants at DCF and DWD.

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Due in April

 Expenditure Reports

  • WIA Weekly Cash Draw due by 04:30PM on Thursday April 17th for payment on Tuesday April 22nd.

ACH Deposits:

  • WIA Weekly cash draw on Tuesday April 17th



Deadlines for WIA Weekly Reports

As a reminder, the regular deadline for WIA Weekly cash draw requests is 4:30 pm on Thursday afternoons. We have received a number of late requests in recent weeks. Unless the CORe processing staff is notified before the deadline, and confirms that a late request can be accommodated, any late submissions will be held for processing in the following week’s batch.

Monday, January 20 is a bank holiday, and US Bank Milwaukee is closed. This requires DWD to commence the ACH process 24 hours earlier than usual in order to get funds into recipient accounts on Tuesday, January 21. For this reason, all cash requests for the week of January 13 are due in the DWD Finance Grants inbox absolutely no later than 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, January 15. Any requests received after that time will be held for the following week’s payment cycle. Please update your calendars now with this information.

New Core Contact

Warren Honkola has joined the DWD staff. Warren may be reached at 608-267-3400 by phone or at by email.

Janel Wolff has joined the DWD staff. Janell may be reached at 608-2677629 or at by email.

Karen Moore has joined the DWD CORE staff. Karen may be reached at 608-266-3876 by phone or by email.

Mailbox for DCF Grant Expenditure Reports

Expenditure Reports

Want to verify that your agency's expenditure report has been received?
See Frequently Asked Question #10.
Want to name your agency's report & email correctly?
Check the tips at the bottom of your expenditure report form or review the CORe naming standards. Reports or email subject lines which do not following the naming standards may be returned to the agency to be corrected.

Questions about the CORe system?

See the Frequently Asked Questions page for list of answers to some common CORe questions. If you have suggestions for other questions you would like to see addressed here, please contact the CORe Team.

Updated April 14, 2014
Division of Administrative Services
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