Frequently Asked Questions about the COntract Management and Expenditure Tracking System (COMET)

Q1. When am I getting paid?
Dept. Program Due Date Anticipated Web Report Date Expected ACH Date
DWD Education
(i.e. Youth Apprenticeship)
20 25 last day of month
DWD Wisconsin Fast Forward 5 25 first day of next month
DWD WIA - Cash None Following Day Following 2-3 Business Days
Q2. What should I include when I email my Financial Status Report to COMET?
To make certain your Financial Status Reports are reported correctly, you are required to follow some simple naming standards and procedures. This is required because DWD processes a large volume of grants for DWD. Please read carefully.
  • The Excel spreadsheet must be saved as "Agency Code Agency Name Program Month Year.xls." For example, the Northwest WI CEP Inc. July 2015 Financial Status Report would be saved as AFNWCEP072015.xls. If the spreadsheet is not saved in the correct format, or saved as an incorrect month, it will not be picked up and processed by the system automatically.
  • The email to DWD should include the same information in the subject line as the file name. Therefore, the subject line in the email for NWCEP Inc. as shown above would state AFNWCEP072015.
  • For DWD grants only, reports submitted to the COMET email box of will be processed.
Q3. Do I need to file paper copies of the COMET expenditure reports?
No, paper copies of the electronic expenditure reporting forms are not required.
Q4. What needs to be in the final report for a contract?
The final report must contain all the information included for the last month's Financial Status Report. The final Financial Status Report should have a $0 balance on obligations. The expenditures invoiced from the STAR should match the Accrued Expenditures reported on the final Financial Status Report.
Q5. When will COMET reports be posted to the web?
COMET reports will be posted to the web each morning, updated with information processed the previous business day.
Q6. How can I tell if DWD has received my expenditure report?
The next business day after you email a report, you can check that your information appears on the Financial Status Report on the COMET website. If your report is submitted after 2:00PM, it may take an additional business day for your report to appear on the website.
Q7. There seems to be something unusual about my report, what should I do?
Please go to the COMET home page and go to contacts.
Q8. How can I update my supplier information or get set-up as a new supplier?
To update your supplier information (contacts, addresses, location of payment, ACH information, etc.) or to get set-up as a new supplier please follow the instructions on the Department of Administration's website.

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