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The purpose of this document is to define the extent the DWD IT Solutions Center will support HOD and to provide links to online information available to assist local IT Staff in supporting their HOD users.


This document applies to Partner Agencies using Partner or DWD owned hardware to access HOD through Badgernet or using their own Internet Service Provider. DWD staff on Partner Equipment or personally owned PCs are supported the same.

DWD IT Solutions Center Responsibilities

IT Solutions Center General Responsibilities:

Connectivity thru Badgernet (internal)

For DWD and NON-DWD staff, using NON-DWD supplied PCs the DWD IT Solutions Center can

For Non-DWD staff using DWD owned PCs, the IT Solutions Center will offer full machine support including escalation to the 3rd level of support which may include rebuilding/replacing the PC.

Connectivity through Wiscnet or local Internet Service Provider (external)

The DWD IT Solutions Center can provide routine external connectivity support by helping verifying HOD state servers are up. For other issues the local IT staff will need to diagnose/resolve the problem.

PC Issues/customizations

DWD IT Solutions Center is NOT responsible for making changes, installing software on NON-DWD PCs nor supporting HOD customizations. For these problems local IT staff should be the first contact. DWD can possibly provide suggestions to local IT staff if they contact the DWD IT Solutions Center. Questions involving changing the look and feel of HOD should also be routed to local IT Staff.

Many Spyware, Adware, Freeware, etc programs are known to cause problems with HOD. Local IT Staff should prevent these type of installations or remove them when HOD problems exist.

HOD Online

HOD Online (Requires DWD workweb access) - Information, Access, FAQs, Requirements, etc.

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