Steamfitter (Construction) Apprenticeship

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*Statistics retrieved from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

What Does a Steamfitter Do?

Steamfitters (Construction) lay out, assemble, fabricate, install, troubleshoot, maintain and repair piping systems which carry water, steam, chemicals, compressed air, liquids, gases or fuel used in energy production, heating, cooling, food processing, refrigeration and air conditioning, manufacturing, lubricating and other process piping systems.

Installation of all piping systems includes the following:

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What Are the Working Conditions?

The work is performed at various jobsites, including new construction, hospitals, industrial, chemical, power and waste water treatment plants, and most other commercial or institutional buildings, as well as residential sites. Work is accomplished in buildings, trenches, on roofs or inside tunnels or confined spaces. Work usually requires exposure to weather conditions, extreme temperatures, and loud noise. Steamfitters work both indoors and outdoors at physically demanding tasks that often require climbing and heavy lifting (over 50 lbs.), strenuous physical stamina with walking, standing and working in cramped or high areas using appropriate Personal Protection Equipment. Steamfitters operate various hand and power tools, heavy equipment, welding machines, cutting torches and other industry related equipment.

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How is the Training Structured?

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What are the Application Requirements?

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What Skills Should I Possess?

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