Plasterer Apprenticeship

Apply interior or exterior plaster, cement, stucco, or similar materials. May also set ornamental plaster.

Training at a Glance

4680 hrs
On the Job
500 hrs

If training cannot be furnished in accordance with the hours listed in the above work processes, the employer and apprentice agree to allow the local committee to seek employers who can furnish said training and transfer the apprentice for training which the former employer is unable to provide. Such apprentice is to return to the former employer at the close of the needed training period.

The apprentice shall attend unpaid related instruction on his/her own time and satisfactorily complete an approved First Aid course, an approved CPR/CCR course, and a minimum of 10 hours of OSHA certification.

The apprentice must successfully complete the Transition to Trainer course in the final year of the apprenticeship.

WI Employment Outlook & Wages *

+0.47% Job outlook through
2026 in Wisconsin
$43,754 Experienced **
Level Salary

* Wisconsin Long Term Occupation Employment Projections, 2016-2026 (Statewide). Office of Economic Advisors, WI Department of Workforce Development, December 2018. & US Bureau of Labor Statistics: Occupational Employment Statistics, estimates May 2017.
Reports can be viewed on DWD's premiere source for Labor Market Information,

* * Average (mean) annual salary earned by the upper two-thirds of all workers in the selected location, occupation, and industry.
Actual salaries will vary by employer and other factors.

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