Firefighter / Fire Medic

Firefighters control and extinguish municipal fires, protect life and property, and conduct rescue efforts. They may assess injuries, administer emergency care, and transport injured or sick persons to medical facilities.

Training at a glance

  • Time to Complete: Varied years
  • On the job time: Varied hours
  • Related Instruction Time: Varied Instruction
  • Additional Training: Transition to Trainer during final year

Wisconsin Employment Outlook & Wages*

  • Job Outlook through 2026 in Wisconsin: 5.9%
  • Experienced Level Salary: $50,486

More Information on: Skills, Education, Tools, and Workplace Conditions

 * Wisconsin Long Term Occupation Employment Projections, 2016-2026 (Statewide). Office of Economic Advisors, WI Department of Workforce Development, December 2018. & US Bureau of Labor Statistics: Occupational Employment Statistics, estimates May 2017. Reports can be viewed on DWD's premiere source for Labor Market Information,

* * Average (mean) annual salary earned by the upper two-thirds of all workers in the selected location, occupation, and industry. Actual salaries will vary by employer and other factors.