Arborist Apprenticeship

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Program updates, effective June 1, 2017

To make the program accessible to more sponsors, the State Aborist Apprenticeship Advisory Committee revised the program as follows:

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What does an Arborist do?

Arborists are highly skilled professionals that provide all aspects of tree care, from planting and pruning to managing diseases and insects. It can be dangerous work.

Using sophisticated climbing and rigging techniques, Arborists ascend trees; cut away dead or excess branches; and lower them to the ground; and spray trees and shrubs to prevent common pests and diseases.

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What are the working conditions?

Arborists work outdoors in all kinds of weather.  The work is physically demanding and requires dangerous equipment, such as chainsaws. Moreover, the work is often performed at heights, so Arborists use fall protection gear in addition to personal protective equipment.

Arborists strongly emphasize safety measures, because their duties have led to an occupational injury rate that is above the national average.

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How is the training structured?

The program is 7,000 hours, or approximately three-and-a-half years. It includes 6,560 hours of on-the-job learning and 440 hours of paid related instruction.

The employer must train the apprentice in the following mandatory duties:

The apprentice must also complete the following:

In addition, the employer may require the apprentice to earn the following:

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What are the application requirements?

The apprentice must:

The apprentice may be required by the employer to:

The employer must:

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What skills should I possess?

Additional Resources

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Sources: Bureau of Apprenticeship Standards Position Descriptions, Bureau of Labor Statistics, ONET Online

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