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Approximately half of the active apprentices in Wisconsin work in the construction trades. This includes the people who build, repair and remodel homes, commercial and industrial buildings, bridges, highways, airports and other structures.

How Do I Apply For a Construction Apprenticeship?

The application process for construction trades varies depending on the trade and the area of the state. Construction trade apprenticeships are sponsored by local trade committees comprised of skilled workers and employers who are advisory to the Bureau of Apprenticeship Standards. Committee members recommend approval of qualified applicants to the Bureau. Each committee develops its own policies and practices, with approval from the Bureau of Apprenticeship Standards, for operating its apprenticeship program and for selecting apprentices.

Each local committee takes applications. Each committee will determine the selection items required for the selection process. These may include an aptitude test, an interview with the committee, high school transcript, proof of graduation or equivalent, birth certificate, valid driver's license, etc. Once all application materials are on file and the applicant is deemed to be qualified, the committee will notify the applicant as to the next step in the procedure.

The construction trades use two methods for the actual placement of apprentices in jobs: the rank order list and the letter of introduction.

In the rank order list method, the committee creates a list of candidates in order of their accumulative scores on written and oral examinations. An employer seeking an apprentice will make a request to the appropriate apprenticeship committee. The committee will contact the next person on the list and ask him/her to report for acceptance into the apprenticeship program and to sign the contract.

In the letter of introduction method, applicants who meet the basic requirements are given a letter from the sponsoring committee stating they are eligible to be hired as apprentices. They must then find an employer to sponsor their apprenticeship. Frequently the committee will provide a list of participating employers. 

To obtain a list of local construction trade committees contact the local Bureau of Apprenticeship Standards Representative.

Construction Apprenticeships Available in Wisconsin:

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Source: Bureau of Apprenticeship Standards Apprenticeship in Wisconsin Handbook

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