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Welcome to Wisconsin's Eligible Training Programs List (ETPL)

The ETPL is a list of training programs that WIOA program participants generally must use to select training that can be funded by WIOA. Additionally, TAA program participants are encouraged to use the ETPL when selecting TAA-funded training. The WIOA and TAA programs are available through Wisconsin's job centers.

WIOA and TAA program participants must get approval from their career planner to receive training funds. Participants will not be reimbursed if they start training before receiving career planner approval. There may be limitations on the amount of financial assistance available to individual participants and the types of training programs WIOA and TAA will support. Training institutions on the ETPL only receive WIOA or TAA funding if and when participants enroll in their training program(s).

WIOA and TAA participants can search for eligible programs by entering one or more keywords into the search bar.

Clicking the checkbox and entering keywords will show registered apprenticeship programs that contain your keywords. Clicking the checkbox without entering keywords will show all registered apprenticeship programs.

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