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Imagine a career in which you're the best part of someone's day. As a licensed massage therapist, you make people feel better through your skills and expertise. In this 28-credit program, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the human body and a high degree of professional technical skill, with an emphasis on personal and professional development, increased self-awareness, and sensitivity.
Program is often wait listed so students should apply as soon as possible.

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100% refund, if application for refund is made by the student prior to the first scheduled meeting of the course and the student does not add another course. 80% refund for a course is made before or at the time 10% of the course's total hours of instruction have been completed. 60% refund for a course is made after 10% but before more than 20% of the course's potential hours of instruction have been completed. No refund if application is made after 20% of the course's total hours.

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