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Standard Precautions (2 Hour Course) Standard precautions are the basic level of infection control that should be used in the care of all patients all of the time. Use standard precautions in the care of all patients to reduce the risk of transmission of microorganisms from both recognized and non-recognized sources of infection. Medication Administration (14 Hour Course) It teaches beginners important medication information to understand and carry out the administration of medication to residents in community settings. Any individual administering medication within a CBRF must complete this training in order to meet the requirements per DHS 83. Fire Safety (4 Hour Course) Participants will be taught to understand the nature of fire, recognize fire hazards, learn about early warning systems and understand the use of fire extinguishers. ... Participants must successfully complete this 4-hour training to meet the requirements of DHS 83.20 (2) (b) Fire Safety.

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CBRF training is a pathway for those who are potentially interested in furthering their experience in the healthcare field. Often times students will start off with CBRF certifications, then proceed into CNA courses, upon completion of CNA courses students will make that transition into the nursing field. It is our job to give students the entrance to begin completing these goals.
Endeavors Connection Health & Job Training Center assists students with resume building, mock interviewing, interview prep upon completion of these courses. Endeavors Connection will assist students with their application process, submitting references and all other relevant information to specific companies that are hiring newly trained CBRF students.
Cancellation options are available. A (TWO WEEK) 14-Day notice is required to receive a FULL refund.

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