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CBRF Training in: Standard Precautions- teaching infection prevention practices that apply to all patient care, regardless of suspected or confirmed infection status of the patient, in any setting where health care is delivered. Fire Safety- students will be able to understand the nature of fire, recognize fire hazards learn about early warning systems and understanding how to use a fire extinguisher. First Aid and Choking- teaching how to handle emergencies with first aid and how to deal with choking emergencies and other emergencies that may require 911, be it severe allergies, heart attacks, strokes etc... Medication Administration- teaching students to follow proper procedures to follow when administering medication in a community based residential facility with minimal to no medication errors.
2 weeks before start of class

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Career pathway: CBRF employee---Certified Nursing Assistant----Medical Assistant----Certified Medication Administrative Asst----LPN----RN I will also help them get enrolled into school if they desire to do so in the future. Helping them would consist of FAFSA application assistance, allowing them time and space to use my computers. I want to see the students go as far as they can in the healthcare field and not just stop here. It is my mission to encourage and assist them with going as far up the Healthcare career path as they can possibly go!
I will also assist the students with job leads. I will provide them with training materials that they are able to keep and refer back to for future reference throughout their journey as a CBRF employee. My goal is to help them become employable then gain employment where they are making a minimum of $12 an hr. (If they pass and/or meet the requirements for the position for which they apply) I will also do mock interviews with the students so that they will know how to properly dress for an interview in the healthcare field, as well as get them comfortable and familiar with questions that are asked of healthcare workers.
I will help them learn some of the many skills that are required as a healthcare worker, such as how to use a Hoyer lift, Sit to Stand machines, how to chart on patients, extra help on Medication Administration, how to empty a catheter bag and any other learning assistance they may need that is within my ability to do.
$20 per class to go on the State registry for CBRF certification and CPR/BLS training
No refunds, but you can reschedule 1 time

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