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Kie's To Heart Learning Center LLC's CBRF certification training program consists of 4 classes: Standard Precautions, medication administration, fire safety, and first aide/choking. In the two hour standard precautions course, students will learn how to handle potenital exposure to blood borne pathogens, understand why standard precautions are important,and how disaeses spread from person to person. The Medication administration course is 14 hours long and teaches students how to safely administer medication. The Fire safety course is three hours long and teaches students how to safely respond to fire emergencies. The First aid/choking course is four hours long and teaches students survival skills to help save lives. Classes can be taken separately or all 4 sub courses can be taught together. Once completed the students name will be added to the WI CBRF registry and may gain employment.
Continuous; please register at least two weeks before the class begins.

This course is offered

Tuition, books, supplies/materials are all included in the total cost of the CBRF training program. Each course can be taken separately as well. Cost break down: Standard precautions: $100. Medication administration: $160. Fire safety: $100. First Aid/Choking: $115.
You will need a Driver's License or a State ID in order to register for the course. Although the course fee is non refundable, we understand that emergencies may occur so therefore students may reschedule their course only (1) time. If a student must reschedule their course, they must inform Kie's To Heart Learning Center LLC at 262-288-1160at least 5 days before the course start date. This can be completed through written letter or text messaging. Students have 120 days to retake the course.

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