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Automotive Technology
Northcentral Technical College
The Automotive Technology Associate Degree program provides skills necessary to enter into and excel in the automotive service and repair industry. Automotive theories are built upon with support from extensive hands-on training in an active shop environment along with supportive and complementary general education courses to enhance practical vehicle maintenance knowledge. The automotive industry has a high demand for qualified technicians who complete automotive training programs. Learners may also build upon their education and experience to find employment in managerial and supervisory roles. Many technicians with advanced skills eventually find employment with manufacturers of new vehicles or their suppliers, or related businesses within the transportation industry. Accreditation Information: The Automotive Technology Associate Degree program is accredited as a Master Automobile Service Technology program. Show More

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Program Enrollments and Completions
11 (47%)
11 (100%)
Employment Outcomes (Completions Only)
5 (45%)
2 (21%)


If there are fewer than eight enrollments in the training program, only the "Enrollments" number will be displayed; all other data is hidden in order to help protect the students' identities. The "Employment Outcomes" are calculated using information from Wisconsin's Unemployment Insurance Wage database. Most employers are required to report certain employment information to the State of Wisconsin, including quarterly wage information for their employees. Students whose information could not be verified in this database are excluded from these outcomes. If a "0" shows for any of these outcomes, it means that none of the students' information could be verified.


"Average quarterly wages" means the total wages earned in a three-month period by all students who completed the program ("completers"), divided by the total number of completers.

"Median quarterly wages" means all the completers' quarterly wages are placed in order from lowest to highest and then we identify the student's wages in the middle. This information is provided because averages can be greatly influenced by really high and low wage earners.

To estimate monthly wages, divide the quarterly wages by three.


Not Provided

Not Provided

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