Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (AFNR) Program Guide

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Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources (AFNR) Program Guide and Appendices, A-S (174 pages)
Program Guide AFNR Program Guide (10 pages)
Appendix A Work Contracts, Child Labor Laws, Liability & Insurance (7 pages) Updated 04/11/2012
Appendix B Implementation Guide for Employers (7 pages)
Appendix C Recommendations for Related Technical Classroom Instruction for AFNR YA (4 pages)
Appendix D Wisconsin Instructional Design System (WIDS) Format and Youth Apprenticeship Program Guide Terms (1 page)
Appendix E Use and Distribution of the Curriculum (1 page)
Appendix F Post Secondary Advanced Standing Credits (1 page)
Appendix G Grandfather Clause -- Program Transition Guidelines (1 page)
Appendix H Skill Standards Checklist (14 pages)
Appendix I Course Outcome Summary: Overview and Table of Contents (8 pages)
Appendix J Required Skills Curriculum, Units 1-2 (11 pages)
Appendix K Animal Pathway, Animal Basics Unit, Unit 3 (11 pages)
Appendix L Animal Pathway, Large Animal/Herd Unit, Unit 4 (18 pages)
Appendix M Animal Pathway, Small Animal/Vet Assistant Unit, Unit 5 (21 pages)
Appendix N Plant Pathway, Plant Basics Unit, Unit 6 (14 pages)
Appendix O Plant Pathway, Crops Unit, Unit 7 (15 pages)
Appendix P Plant Pathway, Greenhouse/Floral Unit, Unit 8 (17 pages)
Appendix Q Plant Pathway, Landscaping Unit, Unit 9 (16 pages)
Appendix R Environmental Systems Pathway, Basic Water Resources, Unit 10 (7 pages)
Appendix S Environmental Systems Pathway, Advanced Water Resources, Unit 11 (10 pages)