Health and Safety Consultation Services

Do you need help in recognizing and correcting safety hazards, developing or improving your safety program, or staying current with new standards? Are you confident your business meets the latest safety standards? If you need help, the Safety Consultation program is for you!

The state Department of Commerce offers a free consultation service to help employers determine potential hazards at their work sites and improve their workplace safety.  No citations or penalties are issued as part of a consultation visit, nor will there be reports of possible violations to any enforcement staff.

A skilled staff member from the consultation program with up-to-date knowledge of health and safety standards and regulations is available to assist you in:

A simple contact via phone or letter sets the consultation process in motion. You may request a complete review of your work site or limit the visit to one or more specific problems. The visit consists of an opening conference, a walk-through of the work site, and a closing conference. You will receive a written report explaining the consultant's findings and abatement periods.

Employers benefit in many ways from this free service:

This program is administered by the Wisconsin Dept. of Commerce, not the Federal OSHA. For more information on a Department of Commerce Safety Consultation contact Jim Lutz at 1-800-947-0553.

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