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Date Posted: June 11, 1998
Contact Person: Kathy Ziemann, Program Assistant
Phone Number: (608) 266-8728

Resumption of Quarterly WC First Payment Promptness Reports on Internet

June 11, 1998

INS 392

To: Worker’s Compensation Carriers

From: Gregory Krohm, Division Administrator

Purpose: To announce the resumption of access to WC first payment promptness detail reports from the Internet.

Background: The practice of the WC Division to send out detailed quarterly first payment promptness reports was changed in 1996 from the postal system to the Internet. In late 1997, this was suspended due to implementation of an upgraded information system within the WC Division. These reports are again available to carriers via Internet access. The security for access to this information remains the same for carriers. These are unique for your business and will continue to be maintained by the WC Division.

These are instructions to access the promptness report information:
1- Enter the following URL on your browser: http://www.dwd.state.wi.us/wc
2- Select from the main menu the link to “Promptness/Assessments.”
3- Read the instructions and select “Carrier/Employer Report.”
4- After the input box appears, enter your ID and password. Your password is in alpha characters and must be in ALL CAPS. Your user ID is numerical preceded by the letters: WC . You may be prompted to re-enter your ID on the address line as instructed by the prompt on Internet.
5- Select “Insurer Promptness Report.” Chose the quarter you wish to view. Your report will be displayed. You can download this file to your PC or print it.

Note: If you follow the above steps and are denied access, your firewall/security may need more information. Please add DWDPUB\ to your password, e.g., DWDPUB\000001

We hope that you find this service useful. Please let us know any suggestions for improving it. For questions or problems accessing this information, please call:
Ron Kroepfl at (608) 261-6533, or e-mail at: kroepro@mail.state.wi.us

For questions about interpreting or correcting the promptness report, call:
Robert Poi at (608) 266-1343, or e-mail at: poibo@mail.state.wi.us


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