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Date Posted: March 10, 1997
Contact Person: James T. O'Malley, Administrative Law Judge
Phone Number: (608) 266-5530

Attorney Fees


March 10, 1997

INS 371

To: Wisconsin Worker’s Compensation Insurance Carriers

From: Gregory Krohm, Administrator
Worker’s Compensation Division

Re: Attorney Fees

To help our administrative law judges and auditors process your attorney fee documents, when you file a WKC-13 or a letter with the Division which has notations on attorney fees:

1. Please give us the name and address of the employe's attorney.

Writing it clearly on the WKC-13 is fine. This is more important where the employe has not filed an application for hearing. It wastes your time and our time to send it back with a request for the information.

2. Please clearly indicate the following figures somewhere on the WKC-13 (or in the letter):

A. The dollar amount for the 80% paid to the employee and the 20% attorney fee being held.

B. The specifics of what is now being conceded. For example:

1. Circle the TTD.

2. Spell out the PPD. "Now conceding 5% @ shoulder--$4,225--25 weeks at max. ppd of $169 for 1996 injury." Site Logo | Site Map | Search | Accessibility | Legal | Feedback | DWD Home