Part Of Class Rule

General Rule:

The number of hours used in the formula to compute TTD may be artificially increased or "expanded" for part-time workers who are "part of a class" of workers.

The worker must have a "regular schedule" of work, i.e. work schedule does not vary by more than five hours per week for all weeks worked during the previous 90 days.

Part of Class DWD 80.51(4):

The injured employee must be a member of a regularly scheduled class of part time employees (group of people working the same type of job duties or position with the same arrangement of hours). The injured employee does not count as one of the part-time employees when trying to determine part of class.

Explanation of Part of Class:

Part of Class applies when 10% of the employer’s workforce (not including the injured worker) performs the same type of job duties or positions as the injured employee.

For help with temporary total or partial disability, contact Bureau of Claims Management

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