Basic Two-Part Comparison Formula

The weekly benefit rate for temporary total disability is generally computed at 66.67 % of the higher of:

Part 1: The gross wages paid in the 52-week period prior to the injury divided by the number of weeks worked in that 52-week prior*, or:

Part 2: The hourly rate at the time of injury multiplied by the number of regularly scheduled weekly hours (see explanation below) of work .*

*Both rules are subject to maximum rate (WKC-9573P) at the time of injury.


The regular scheduled weekly hours of work are the number of hours scheduled per week as established by the employer for the class of employment. If the schedule of weekly hours varies or deviates by more than 5 hours for any week within the 90-day period prior to the injury, the regularly scheduled weekly hours must be set at a full-time schedule for that occupation. A full-time schedule is presumed to be 40 hours per week unless the employer or employee can establish that it is otherwise.

For help with temporary total or partial disability, contact Bureau of Claims Management

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