AOL and State of Wisconsin Business Directory

Issues with Registration and Web Applications

It has been discovered that customers who have AOL as their Internet Service Provider (ISP) will have difficulty getting properly registered for use of the State of Wisconsin Business Directory for web-based applications.

AOL will not properly access secured sites, so it is necessary to use either Internet Explorer or Netscape in conjunction with AOL. AOL also alters the URL returned as part of the registration process. If the customer attempts to use the URL as AOL transmits it, login will fail.

The steps to self-register for AOL users are:

  1. Open AOL.
  2. Open another browser such as IE or Netscape.
  3. Go to the self-registration site
  4. Register.
  5. An e-mail containing a URL will be sent almost immediately, the customer must respond to this e-mail within 4 days in order to complete the registration process. If this is not done, the registration will be purged from the system. This is the URL that AOL alters incorrectly. An example is:


To use the URL to complete the registration process, it must be edited to remove the <URL: at the beginning and the > at the end.

After registration, when using web-based applications the customer must open AOL first, but then access the application using either IE or Netscape.