Indicator 7: Completeness of Submitting Required Wage Supplement Reports

Indicator Description:  

This category measures the insurers’ compliance in submitting complete supplemental wage information in the pending reports.

Compliance Requirement:  

DWD 80.02(2)(c) Wis. Adm. Code establishes the requirements for submitting the wage information. The rules imply that complete information requested on the forms is required to be submitted with the form on time.
Standard or Benchmark: There is no standard set by statute or rule for this indicator. The benchmark used for training purposes is to have a ratio of no more than 10% of the reports, WKC-13A’s received with incomplete information.

Source of Indicator Data:  

The source of the data is from the record of letters used to request complete information. These are standard letters in the WC45 series of form letters -- the WC45B, WC45C, WC45D, WC45E, WC45H, WC45K, WC45L, WC45M and WC45P. These letters require wage information that is missing on the Wage Information Supplement, form WKC-13-A.

Computation Methodology:  

Completeness is stated as a ratio and measured by dividing the number of wage information-request form letters sent by the number of first supplemental reports, WKC-13’s, received during the quarter indicating a rate at less than the maximum rate. This establishes the ratio of the number of letters requesting missing wage information to the number of WKC-13 supplemental reports requiring a wage supplemental report, WKC-13A.

State of Wisconsin Averages:


What This Indicator Measures:

This indicator measures the completeness of submitting some selected required reports. The benchmark is 90%. Performance is measured by identifying how many instances occurred where were made to obtain complete data. The percentage is a ratio of errors of omission to the number of total related reports that were received during the quarter. The indicator will be updated quarterly and it measures performance in the quarter prior to the publication update.

Explanatory Comments for Current Indicator:

Although 4th quarter  2011 remains the high water mark of performance for the last 12 quarters, there has been an excellent 2% rise in performance from 1st quarter 2014 to 2nd quarter 2014, where performance now sits at 91%. 12 quarter performance is at 89%, just 1% below the Benchmark.

 Indicator 7: Completeness of Submitting Required Reports

Group A - Large Insurers (400 claims or more per year)
Group B - Medium Size Insurers (65-399 claims per year)
Group C - Small Size Insurers (equal to or greater than 65 claims every 3 years)

PLEASE NOTE: Quarterly summary reports are static, a snapshot of performance reflected by our database the day prior to the reports being run.  As such, actual performance may be different due to changes to the claims for the given quarter after the reports are run than performance captured in the PDF.

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