Indicator 10: Promptness of Submitting Wage Reports

Indicator Description: 

This report measures compliance with DWD 80.02(2)(c) Wis. Adm. relating to submission of the Wage Supplemental Report, WKC-13-A.

Compliance Requirement:  

Insurers are required to submit the wage supplemental information required by form WKC-13-A if the wage is less than the maximum rate. The information is required at the same time as the first WKC-13 unless it is unavailable at that time in which case the insurer is required to estimate the date that it will be submitted.

Standard or Benchmark:  

There is no legal standard set by statute or rule for compliance. The benchmark used for training, evaluation and enforcement purposes is that at least 80% of supplemental wage information or the notice of an estimated date is submitted timely.

Source of Indicator Data:  

The source of the data is either the date recorded as the received date of the WKC-13-A information or the notice of the estimated date from Internet reports.

Computation Methodology:  

Promptness percentage is computed by dividing the number of reports and timely notices of estimated dates received within 30 days of the date of injury or last day of work, the same time frame within which the WKC-13 Supplemental Report is due. This establishes a ratio of timely responses. This indicator is first published in July 2003, reflecting performance in the 2nd quarter of 2003.

State of Wisconsin Averages


What this Indicator Measures:

This report measures compliance with the Administrative Code DWD 80.02(2)(c) relating to submission of the for WKC-13A, entitled Wage Information Supplement. Insurers or self-insured employers are required to submit this form when the TTD wage rate is less than the maximum compensation rate in the year the injury occurred.  This form is due within 30 days from the date of injury or last day worked,  Whichever date is most recent.  Performance Indicator 10, therefore, evaluates if the WKC-13A form is submitted timely or late.

Explanatory Comments for Current Indicator:

12 quarter performance sits at 2 percentage points above the 80% benchmark. while 1st quarter  2017 performance is at  81%.  The WC Division will continue its monitoring, education and enforcement related to the performance measured by this indicator. This will hopefully help performance continue to exceed the benchmark in the coming quarters.

Indicator 10: Promptness of Submitting Wage Reports
Group A - Large Insurers (400 claims or more per year)
Group B - Medium Size Insurers (65-399 claims per year)
Group C - Small Size Insurers (equal to or greater than 65 claims every 3 years)

PLEASE NOTE: Quarterly summary reports are static, a snapshot of performance reflected by our database the day prior to the reports being run.  As such, actual performance may be different due to changes to the claims for the given quarter after the reports are run than performance captured in the PDF.

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