EDI: How To Get Started

How our trading partners send electronic data

We accept two types of EDI datasets: Flat Files and ANSI files.  Our EDI trading partners either do their own programming or they go through a vendor.  We currently have trading partners who come in through Claimport, Inc. and the State Connect product.  

We are willing to assist you

If you have any questions please contact us.  We can help you with any questions that you may have regarding the field layout and formatting.  We possess useful information on the EDI process.  Worker’s Compensation is more than willing to provide support to walk through the technical requirements and troubleshoot problems that trading partners may encounter.

You must call in order to set up your mailbox

Before we can begin testing your electronic data you must call us so that we can set up a mailbox for you on our system.  In order to do this we will need some important pieces of information.  First, we will need to know whether you want to send Flat Files or ANSI files, and whether or not you will be using a vendor.  Second, we require your FEIN number. For insurers or self-insured employers that you will report via EDI, we can verify their FEIN numbers as part of the testing.  Insurers and self-insured employers must be licensed in Wisconsin, and we will use the FEIN numbers provided by the Office of Commissioner of Insurance or the Bureau of Insurance Programs for self-insured employers.

From testing to full production

Once your mailbox is setup on our end, then you can begin testing.  Whether you want to send just First Reports or you want to also send first (and possibly final) Subsequent Reports, you will first need to send in test data.  This data can be either real or purely fictional.  Since test data is never loaded onto our production database fictional data is not a worry for us.  You will send your test data to us just like you would if you were in full production.  We will intercept the transmission and then run it through our test database.  This will generate a list of those claims that would have been accepted successfully, accepted with warning(s) and those that would have been rejected, as well as providing the reasons behind the warning(s) and rejections.  This information is in turn sent back to you.

When both you and the EDI Coordinator feel comfortable you can move to full production.  Once this move is made you will send electronic data only.

One final, important note about testing Subsequent Reports.  We must have a corresponding First Report in our test database in order to test a Subsequent Report, otherwise the Subsequent Report will be rejected with a "claim not found in database" message.  So, you can either send in Subsequent Reports for First Reports that you have already sent in as test data, or you can send "test" First Reports in along with the Subsequent Reports that you are testing.

For more information about EDI Worker’s Compensation you can e-mail the EDI Coordinator or call (608) 267-6890.

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