Instructions for Downloading Pending and Assessment Report Data

Access to the Insurer's Pending and Assessment Reports is restricted by a DWD Logon ID and password.

The following instructions will work for Windows 95/98/NT. You will follow one of the two options, A or B, in Step 2 depending on your web browser.

  1. The Pending Reports will have a "Save And/or Print Copy of Report" button at the top of the screen, while the Assessment Report will have a "Save copy of Report" button. Click the button and the following instructions, along with the requisite dat file, will be displayed:

    "To save a copy of this file in text format, click on this link then choose 'File/Save As' on your browser: nnnnnn.dat".
  2. The link referred to above is the dat file name as a hyperlink, and it will be displayed as a numeric value, e.g. 999999.dat.

    NOTE: This file is in a comma delimited format and can be imported into a spreadsheet and sorted.
  3. Click the dat file hyperlink mentioned above.

    A) If the report text appears in your browser window, click File -> Save As to display the Save Web Page dialog box. Verify that the "Save as type" field is set to Text File (*.txt). If it is not then select it from the drop down list. In the "Save in" field select the drive and/or folder location in which you want to save the file, then click the "Save" button.
    NOTE: You can save the file with a different file name but it must be in text file format.

    B) If a dialog box appears asking you what you want Netscape to do with the file, select "Save this file to disk". Then, when the "Save to" dialog box appears, select the drive and/or folder location where you want the file saved. Click the save button. NOTE: You can save the file with a different file name.

  4. Open your spreadsheet application and open the file saved in Step 2. Some applications have conversion or import wizards, and since this is a text file in a comma delimited format do the following: In step one select the "delimited" radio button and click "Next". In step two, select the "comma" delimiter, deselect any other delimiter and then click "Next". In step three make sure that "General" is selected in the "Column data format" section and then click "Finish". When you are done and want to sort the data remember to highlight all applicable rows and columns, making sure to exclude any header text that may be above and/or below the data to be sorted.

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