Health Care Provider Advisory Committee

Meeting Minutes for June 23, 2006
Crowne Plaza
Madison, WI

Members present:  David Bryce MD, Gina Buono MD, Mary Jo Capodice DO, Eric Carlsen MD, Amanda Gilliland, Frances Huntley-Cooper, Barbara Janusiak RN, Maja Jurisic MD, Steven Kirkhorn MD, Mike Lischak MD, Jeff Lyne DC, Jennifer Pollak, Timothy Waldoch

Excused:   Peter Schubbe DC, Sri Vasudevan MD

Staff present: Jim O’Malley, Mike Topp

Observer: Margie LaBarge, RN

Meeting was called to order by Frances Huntley-Cooper at 10:10 am.

Members of the committee went around the room and introduced themselves

Laura Leitch (Wisconsin Hospital Association), Mark Grapentine (Wisconsin Medical Society), and Russ Leonard (Wisconsin Chiropractic Association), representing the Worker’s Compensation Advisory Committee (WCAC), gave a brief overview of the purpose and charge of the Health Care Provider Advisory Committee (HCPAC). 

Frances Huntley-Cooper, Chair of HCPAC, provided a handout related to the HCPAC history and composition.  There are 12 members as follows:

6 medical doctors of different specialties
2 chiropractors
2 hospital representatives
1 registered nurse
1 physical therapist

In addition there is the Chair (current Worker’s Compensation Division Administrator) and 2 members at-large.

The primary duties of the HCPAC are to review the proposed DWD 81 Wis. Adm. Code (formerly identified as DWD 80.74) and to update, clarify, and expand its content as needed by making recommendations to the WCAC.  In essence, the purpose of the HCPAC is to assure the guidelines implemented under DWD 81 are reasonable compared to current standard practices within the state.  The next opportunity to submit changes to WCAC will be August 16, 2006.  Projected implementation of DWD 81 is tentatively set for January 1, 2007.

Frances Huntley-Cooper provided a handout regarding the committee’s ground rules for discussion and revision.

The next meetings are tentatively set as follows and will be from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Madison, Wisconsin:

August 4
October 13
November 17
December 8

2007 Meeting Schedule:  the committee will meet every first Friday of the month.

It was decided that it is easier to cancel a meeting than try to get one on everyone’s calendar.  Please let DWD know if you are unable to attend a meeting for quorum purposes.

Attendance is required.

Mike Lischak inquired about the possibility of a listserv being established.  Jim O’Malley will look into how the open records law may be implicated.  Mike Topp will check with the Department’s computer area to see if they will support a listserv.

David Bryce made a motion that a meeting quorum consist of 10 members.
Gina Buono seconded the motion.
Motion unanimously carried.

Steven Kirkhorm made a motion to define a “majority” as 2/3 of all committee members.
Jeff Lyne seconded the motion.
Motion failed as it was felt that a vote of 2/3 of all committee members was not necessary in all situations.

Gina Buono made a motion that any changes to the rule be made by full consensus.
Mike Lischak seconded the motion.
Motion failed as it was felt it would be too difficult to achieve full consensus and thereby slow down the process.

Clarification was requested as to the purpose of the rules.  Jim O’Malley gave an overview of the necessity of treatment dispute resolution request for independent review and the claims hearing process.

Mike Lischak made a motion that all committee business, not involving a change in the rule, needs a simple majority agreement of all voting members.  (8 out of 10 members would have to agree.)
Gina Buono seconded the motion.
Motion unanimously passes.

Gina Buono made a motion that change to the guidelines needs a vote of 12 members of the committee.
Mike Lischak seconded the motion.
Motion unanimously passes.

It was agreed that a record should be kept of the minority viewpoint on issues.

Mike Topp will collect pictures of the membership and short biographies.

Jim O’Malley presented an overview of the rule and how it was constructed an organized.  The rule is based upon the Minnesota Parameters (Rules 5221.6010 to 5221.8900) and contains 14 sections.

  1. Purpose and Application
  2. Incorporation by Reference
  3. Definitions
  4. General Treatment Guidelines; Excessive Treatment
  5. Guidelines for Medical Imaging
  6. Low Back Pain Neck Pain
  7. Neck Pain
  8. Thoracic Back Pain
  9. Upper Extremity Disorders
  10. Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy of the Upper and Lower Extremities
  11. Inpatient Hospitalization Guidelines
  12. Guidelines for Surgical Procedures
  13. Chronic Management
  14. Health Care Provider Advisory Committee


The following members are responsible for reviewing the sections for “standard practice” and discussion at the next meeting.

Please consider return to work (RTW), modified duty (light, medium, heavy).  Consider any education and/or training as you review these guidelines.

81.03     All members
81.04     Jeff Lyne, Maja Jurisic, Peter Schubbe
81.05     Mike Lischak, Eric Carlsen, Jeff Lyne, Peter Schubbe
81.06     Mary Jo Capodice, Jeff Lyne, Steven Kirkhorn, Jennifer Pollak
81.07     Gina Buono, Mary Jo Capodice
81.08     Maja Jurisic, Steven Kirkhorn, Peter Schubbe
81.09     Mike Lischak, Gina Buono, Eric Carlsen
81.10     Maja Jurisic, Sri Vasudevan, David Bryce
81.11     Tim Waldoch, Amanda Gilliland, Barbara Janusiak
81.12     Maja Jurisic, Mary Jo Capodice, Gina Buono, Mike Lischak, etc (will get reviews from coworkers)
81.13     Jennifer Pollak, Barbara Janusiak

Gina Buono made a motion to adjourn the meeting.
Mike Lischak seconded the motion.
Motion unanimously carried.

Meeting adjourned at 2:40 pm

Additional Handouts:  Wisconsin Worker’s Compensation Advisory Council (Biennial Report) dated, December 2004