Health Care Provider Advisory Committee
Meeting Minutes for May 16, 2008
Crowne Plaza
Madison, WI

Present: Mary Jo Capodice MD, Amanda Gilliland, Frances Huntley-Cooper, Barbara Janusiak RN, Maja Jurisic MD, Steven Kirkhorn MD, Mike Lischak MD, Jeff Lyne DC, Jennifer Pollak, Peter Schubbe DC, Sri Vasudevan MD, Timothy Waldoch

Excused:  David Bryce MD, Amanda Gilliland, Barbara Janusiak, Steve Kirkhorn, Peter Schubbe, Tim Waldoch

Staff present: Jim O'Malley, Mike Topp


Meeting called to order by Chair Frances Huntley-Cooper at 10:30 AM

It was moved by Sri Vasudevan and seconded by Mike Lischak, to adopt the July 20, 2007 meeting minutes. Motion carried.

Members went around the room and introduced themselves to the new member, Ron Stark MD.

A copy of the current version of Wis. Admin Code s. DWD 81.00, Wisconsin Worker’s Compensation Treatment Guidelines, and a copy of the latest Worker’s Compensation State Statute booklet were distributed. The State Statutes do not include the statute changes effective April 1, 2008; however, an updated publication will be distributed in the Fall. There is a table of context on page specifically for s. DWD 81.00 on page iv.

It was repeatedly stated that the Wisconsin Worker’s Compensation Treatment Guidelines were created to be used as a tool to resolve necessity of treatment disputes and not to be used as a reference to dispute treatment.

Mike Topp had requested feedback from providers, insurers, and any other interested parties, regarding the s. DWD 81.00. A copy of all responses was distributed for review and discussion.

Some of the feedback has questions which will be answered per the committee’s direction.

The committee recommended the creation of s. DWD 81.00 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section to be posted on the Division’s web site regarding the issues raised.

The committee recommended an informational pamphlet be developed for use by both providers and insurers. A patient’s rights section regarding “treatment guidelines” will be incorporated into current WCD documents.

It was moved by Gina Buono, and seconded by Maja Jurisic, to refer to s. DWD 81.00 as the Wisconsin Worker’s Compensation Dispute Resolution Guidelines in order to clarify their function. Motion passed.

NOTE: Mr. O’Malley will keep this recommendation to be considered when the next revision is being reviewed.

Mary Jo Capodice will continue to work on the Lumbar Arthroplasty s. DWD 81.12(1)(e)

Maja Jurisic handed out the following articles:

  1. “To Work or not to Work?” by Maja Jurisic, MD
  2. “Analysis Regarding Adoption of the ACOEM Occupational Medicine Practice Guidelines” by the Return-to-Work Workgroup of the Medical Advisory Committee
  3. “60 Summits – Propagating the New York Disability Prevention Paradigm for Disability Benefits and Worker’s Compensation Systems across North America”
  4. This Health Care Providers committee members will be invited to participate in the October 9th Summit which will be held at CUNA Mutual. The space is limited so it will be by “invitation only”.

Mike Topp handed out a list of necessity of treatment dispute resolution for independent review submitted to the Department between July 1, 2006 and June 30, 2007.

As chair of the State Medical Society sub-committee on “treatment guidelines” issues, Mike Lischak will report recommendations of the committee work at out next meeting.

The next meeting is scheduled for Friday, November 7, 2008.

It was moved by Gina Buono, and seconded by Jenny Pollak, to adjourn. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 2:00 PM.