Health Care Provider Advisory Committee

Meeting Minutes for February 16, 2007
Crowne Plaza
Madison, WI

Present: Gina Buono MD, Mary Jo Capodice DO, Eric Carlsen MD, Amanda Gilliland, Frances Huntley-Cooper, Barbara Janusiak RN, Maja Jurisic MD, Steven Kirkhorn MD, Mike Lischak MD, Jeff Lyne DC, Jennifer Pollak, Peter Schubbe DC, Sri Vasudevan MD, Timothy Waldoch

Excused:  David Bryce MD

Staff present: Jim O'Malley, Sharon Stremcha-Gulvik, Mike Topp

Observers: Mark Grapentine-Wisconsin Medical Society; Margie LaBarge, RN-Ministry Health Care

10:11 AM meeting called to order by Chair Frances Huntley Cooper.

Sri Vasudevan moved to approve the meeting minutes for November 17, 2006.
Seconded by Peter Schubbe.
Minutes were approved with the correction of the spelling of Jennifer Pollack’s name.
Motion carried.

Discussion of Wis. Admin. Code s. DWD 81.12(1)(e) Lumbar Arthroplasty tabled by Mary Jo Capodice until next meeting.

Draft rule s. DWD 81.00 was filed with the legislature on February 15, 2007.

Public Hearing for rule s. DWD 81.00 will be held via a video hookup.
March 22, 2007
9:00 AM – 12:00 Noon


Pyle Center, Room 235
702 Langdon Street
State Office Building, Room B29
3550 Mormon Coulee Road
State Office Building, Room 139
718 W. Clairemont Avenue
State Office Building, Room 98
819 North 6th Street
State Office Building, Room 618
200 N. Jefferson Street
Dept. of Transportation Building
Conference Room
1701 North 4th Street

Jim O’Malley presented the current draft of s. DWD 81.00. Discussion followed with suggested edits.

Sri Vasudevan moved to change s. DWD 81.01(1) to read, “…establish guidelines for necessary and appropriate...” and s. DWD 81.01(1) to read, ‘…injuries under s. 102.16(2m), Stats.”
Seconded by Jeff Lyne
Motion carried.

Mike Lischak moved to accept the proposed amendments to s. DWD 81.10.
Seconded by Timothy Waldoch
Motion carried.

Changes are:

  1. 81.10(1)(a)(1)(d) and (1)(a)(2)(d) change “or tropic” to “trophic”
  2. 81.10(1)(a)(1)(b) delete “the symptoms of” and “vasodialtion, vaconstriction”
  3. 81.10(1)(a)(1)(c) replace with “Swelling or sweating abonormalities.”
  4. 81.10(1)(a)(1)(d) replace “dystonia” with “abnormal movements”
  5. 81.10(1)(a) change “all of the following categories.” to “findings in both category 1 and category 2 below:”
  6. 81.10(1)(a)(1) change “One or more symptoms” to “One or more findings reported by the patient
  7. 81.10(1)(a)(1)(a) delete “the symptoms of.”
  8. 81.10(1)(a)(2) change “…clinical signs….” to “…findings observed by the health clinician practitioner….”
  9. 81.10(1)(a)(2)(a) delete “the clinical signs of” and spontaneous pain”
  10. 81.10(1)(a)(2)(b) delete “the clinical signs of”
  11. 81.10(1)(a)(2)(c) delete “the clinical signs of”
  12. 81.10(1)(a)(2)(d) delete “the clinical signs of”  

WCRI – Workers Compensation Research Institute
The WCRI annual state briefing was forwarded to all committee members per a request by Mike Lischak.
Information from the report is not to be used without WCRI’s approval.

Discussion of the committee’s direction resulted in the following assignments to research issues.
Dermatological – Maja Jurisic and Mike Lischak
Respiratory – Gina Buono and Steve Kirkhorn
Allergy – Maja Jurisic and Mike Lischak
Traumatic Brain – Mary Jo Capodice
Toxicological – All Members

Motion to adjourn – David Bryce
Seconded – Steve Kirkhorn
Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned at 1:50 PM

APRIL 20, 2007
10:00 am – 3:00 pm
Crowne Plaza
4402 E. Washington Avenue
Madison, WI